Design of mobile app "Central park Discovery" - the largest operator of NY Central Park tours.
Central Park Discovery
Central Perk Discovery is a New York City Central Park tours and excursions company. The client requested the development of a mobile application design with an emphasis on convenience and quick ordering of a tour or excursion. As a result, a laconic design was developed, taking into account the Client's brand book and functionality, which allows you to intuitively and as quickly as possible order a tour / excursion and sign up directly in the application, to receive information for making such a decision.
Elena Svirkovskaya
Only two months since the launch of the new platform, the company saw a 25% increase to our sales. The company was most impressed by the PROCESS Agency team's experience, which showed mostly through the quality of their communication, exceeding all of their expectations, and high-quality services.
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Alexey Chaika, CEO