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Dicarpio - Fish&Food online shop

Fish and seafood online store with a unique set of features and ample administrative functionality


● Set up an advertising campaign for Facebook and Instagram for new site

● Develop an online seafood store with a personal account and a great marketing activity management system.

We Used

● Front-End development best practices

● CMS WordPress - the client choice. CRM system integrated with WordPress has already been developed before contacted us.

● Unique plugins developed for project purposes

● Facebook and Instagram targeted advertising

● Contextual advertising Google & Yandex

● Yandex.Metrica

● Google Tag Manager

Project's Description

Di Carpio is a young company from Belarus, engaged in the sale of high-quality measure products in Minsk and other country regions.

When contacted us the client had:

● Solid brand in the seafood market

● Test online store

● Instagram account of 28 thousand subscribers and an accumulated base for a retarget of 120 000 people (which we never used)

● Company brand book and formed philosophy

Working process

We collected all the necessary information, visual references and customer content and decided to implement several unique features for the niche:

There is personal account with a bonus system

Flexible customer loyalty system. It transforms new clients into loyal customers due to applying discounts to the whole cart. LTV Management Tool

Seafood recipe with product cards on the recipe page

It is a unique approach to convert a visitor to a site for a non-commercial request, as well as an Up/Cross-sale tool. We have placed a product card directly on the recipe page and allows the user to see the price of the main ingredient in the recipe.

Date and shipping time associated with the user's geolocation

The top menu has an interface element that shows the current date and shipping time according to user location. Visiting the site the first time, the user can select his city from the dropdown list, after choose the function will display the current date and shipping time to his city/region. To help indecisive users decide to purchase

Unique product cards

We developed non-standard product cards. There are the shipment date, rating, and a line for the price: per kg or package

A lot of elements on the site clients can be liked, items can be added to favorites and shared

So there are many holiday recipes we assumed that it would be convenient for users to add recipes, products, or just pictures to their "favorites". Thus, customers will be able to save the dishes they like for the future. It's a good LTV management tool.

Is there a challenge your organization or company needs help solving? We'd love to discuss it.
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