The service allows you to order delicious and healthy dishes made from natural products, plan a diet for a week by choosing from 4 offered food sets to eat deliciously, and take into account proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and lose weight. It's really simple and helps you to stay in shape every day.

Moreover, service takes care of all the worries of going to the store, preparing balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, eliminates cleaning and washing dishes from your daily hassle, which is especially pleasant!

Food Delivery
Ot Babuli

Food delivery service

food delivery

Number of pages: 2 CMS: WordPress

Delivery service of sets of ready-made meals for a week
Ot Babuli

Moscow city

Change structure of the site, create a simple and convenient navigation

the main blocks

Change the color scheme, distinguish the site from competitors

Website structure and interface development
Choosing a set of food
UI. Main elements

Our team has created an information architecture from scratch,
carefully considering possible user flows to ensure the maximum user experience.

The main desire of the client was the development of an attractive website that can offer clients rations of ready-made meals for every taste the whole week and in an accessible format. First, we created the UI "header" in a way that the user-perceived the navigation on the site in an accessible way.

Style and content

Based on the UX we created, we applied brand colors to create a simple, clear, and user-friendly design. We defined the green palette as the main color scheme of the project, and we also used the content provided by the Client as accents.

Considering the need of users to see all the information about rations on one screen, we have developed a block in which the user can immediately navigate and choose a diet, make a pre-order, and get acquainted in the checkout with the details of your order and arrange shipment.

In the block "Choose a set of food" we have included all possible modifications of diet's choice.